Noma explores the culinary world of domestic animals. From freshly cooked daily meals to food supplements, and special treats; Noma enhances and encourages every pet parent’s love for their pet in a dynamic and confident way. Noma is an ode to the Anthropology of Animals.

Real Food for Real Friends

Premium ingredients, human-grade quality, no preservatives, bursting flavor and wellness benefits! Plus, IT’S WHAT YOUR PET CRAVES!

μαγειρευτό φαγητό για σκύλους

Backed by science in collaboration with the Department of Animal Science at the Agricultural University of Athens

MeAt the Cat Choices

With 95% meat, fiber, taurine, and all the essential nutrients needed for a complete and balanced diet!

μαγειρευτό φαγητό για γάτες

Perfectly Portioned in 7 flavors delivered across Greece in just 2 days!

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