It’s true that there is a plethora of pet foods of all categories in the market (dry, raw, canned) that are complete and balanced in terms of nutritional value. Most of them ensure this by adding huge amounts of feed-grade supplements. Through this artificial way, your pet maintains the required levels of energy. We at Noma believe that when it comes to our pets, maintenance is not enough. Our four-legged companions provide us with selfless pure love and companionship and they deserve wellbeing, wellness and happiness every single day.

At a time when obesity, cancer, diabetes and other diseases are becoming more common in our pets’ lives, there are a number of scientific studies highlighting the benefits of fresh food to prevent such terrible diseases, and many more, as well as the disadvantages of processed foods. In addition, they highlight the high bioavailability and digestibility of nutrients stemming from fresh, high quality raw materials.

At Noma, there is nothing magical that defines our products. It is just common sense. Food with ingredients that are safe even for human consumption, no preservatives, MSM and meat by-products. Meals lightly cooked, in order to eliminate pathogens and preserve nutrients to the maximum. Food as it should be!

Noma meals can be stored in the refrigerator until they reach their expiration dates or in the freezer for up to 4 months. Follow the correct thawing procedure by taking the package from the freezer and then into the refrigerator 24-48 hours before use. In case you want faster defrosting, place the package in a bowl filled with tap water. Once the package is opened, keep it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Caution! Remove food from packaging before microwaving.

Unlike humans, who eat a variety of foods to meet their nutrient needs, a pet, due to its different digestive system, consumes the same food for long periods of time. For that reason, these foods must have all the nutrients needed in one recipe.

Fresh raw materials have huge fluctuations in nutrients from batch to batch. This is because, for example, not all chickens are fed the same diet or because diet changes are applied depending on what season it is. Respectively, the vegetables are not always from the same field and grow in different conditions. A lab test in one batch does not guarantee that the next batch will have the same nutritional profile.

At Noma we ensure that each batch of our foods always has all nutrients needed by adding a vitamins and minerals premix, created by animal nutritionists, specifically for Noma products.

Yes, we are always open to a discussion with any vet.

Dogs have walked alongside humans for at least 30,000 years. According to a genetics publication from the scientific journal Nature, dogs and humans had been sharing the same diet long ago, way before commercial shelf foods were launched. As a result, dogs’ genes got naturally modified from those of their ancestors, gray wolves, and their digestive mechanism came much closer to that of humans, enabling it to process carbohydrates. In fact, the research states that diet sharing was the key driver of the domestication of gray wolves to their current form, dogs.

Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy if they stem from low-processed, high-quality foods suitable for human consumption. The simple, low-quality, non-food-grade carbohydrates found in most commercial foods should definitely be avoided. Noma foods have few carbohydrates but their quality grade is the highest there is. Grain free recipes are also available.

Unlike cats, dogs are not considered carnivores but rather omnivorous. In fact, they can even survive without meat in their diets, but here at Noma, we believe that meat nutrients are irreplaceable. Noma products include vegetables and fruits full of antioxidants, omega-3 fats, minerals and vitamins

We use zero preservatives. We keep Noma meals in refrigerators just like we do with our day-to-day food.

No, every Noma meal already contains a minerals and vitamins premix to ensure balance in every bite.

Our foods are prepared in production facilities that follow the same strict standards applied for human foods. Our kitchen is certified by the national veterinary service.

Preparation of pet food at home may sound easy but it incorporates a lot of complexity and risk. Choosing the best ingredients does not mean you get the most out of them in terms of end recipe nutritional results, since it is almost impossible to obtain a good nutrient balance without extensive lab testing. That may lead to health issues, especially in the long run.

At Noma we design our products in collaboration with animal nutritionists and use professional applications and extensive lab testing to ensure recipe proportions and nutrient adequacy.

Price is determined by a number of factors such as weight, age, activity and the selected recipe. Follow the plan wizard for more details or contact us at or 2102222443.

At Noma, price reflects quality in every way. Noma recipes are made exclusively with food-grade ingredients. For instance, meats, that are our main ingredients, are of the same quality as the ones we use to cook our own meals at home. You can’t believe it? Don’t just take our word for it! Give them a try to see for yourself. Moreover research and product development add significant cost to final products

Not convinced yet? Just add the prices of 50% ground beef, 20% Rice, 30% veggies, food waste (30% per Kg), electricity consumed, not to mention valuable time and then you’ll understand.

An hour or two out of the fridge does not harm the quality of Noma food. Think of our own food. In many cases, after it is cooked or at a buffet, the food stays out of the fridge for many hours. This does not make it unsuitable for consumption. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t place it back in the refrigerator if it does not get consumed within this period.

Cost is indeed a very significant factor especially for a family or individual that strives to make ends meet. But if you want your dog to get the most out of what you can afford, you have the option of combining Noma with your current pet’s food to average the cost and increase your pet’s total meal quality.

The calculation of your pet’s daily portion is based on the calories that your dog should eat based on his profile, and the calories the selected recipe has. However, all dogs, like humans, have their very own metabolism and it is not always easy to calculate their caloric needs with complete accuracy. Therefore, in the cases of weight gain or loss, make sure to reduce or increase the daily portion weight accordingly by 5% -10% in your next order.

Our web store is very flexible. You can simply select your favorite flavors and buy small portions at any size you want.

We ship our products almost anywhere in Greece (incl. islands) through our partners. The only exception is our sweets, which are being shipped only within Attica.

Food products are delivered to you, packaged in insulated boxes with ice (dry or ice packs).

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Noma delicacies are organic, with no additives and your dog can eat more than conventional commercial treats. However, as a general rule, the dog’s daily treat consumption should be limited to a maximum of 10% of his daily calorie intake.